Tea Shop at Arsos is located in the central square of the village and is made with love and respect for nature and tradition. Here you can find traditional products, taste authentic Cypriot flavours, local organic wine and of course hot or cold tea with organic herbs.
At Tea Shop you can enjoy authentic Cypriot breakfast accompanied with a traditional beverage or drink (coffee or tea, wine, zivania, zivanomelo,commandaria). If you prefer an afternoon tea or drink, you will find us open till late at night.
If you wish, you can choose a guide tour to St. Philip’s Church, protector saint of the village. The magnificent Byzantine Church is located in the center of the village, built in the 12th century and is unique in its kind and size. The church has been declared by the Department of Antiquities to an ancient monument and has been renovated recently. Inside the temple you can see the 18th century wooden shrine along with ancient images.
Integrated with the main temple is the small church of Agia Mariamnis, sister of Apostle Philip. In the church are kept ancient icons of the 15th century, sacred vestments, gospels, tributes to the Apostle Philip, a crown of 15th century and a gold-embroidered image of Christ. In the village there is also a second small medieval church dedicated to the Virgin Chryseleousa, Catholics. In ancient times it was Latin monastery.
Arsos, one of the biggest wine villages of Cyprus is located on a mountain slope in Laona with altitude 1092 meters, 5 minutes away from Omodos, 15 minutes fromPlatres and 20 minutes from Troodos. Just 10 minutes from Arsos you can visit waterfalls of Trozena, a small abandoned village.
The nature trail "oi eksi vryses" is located along the river, connecting the six medieval fountains in the village. The trail is 1200 meters long and along the way we can see the six traditional taps (Athkies, Oss'Arkatzin, Pano Vrysi, Vrysi toy Koupa, Kostena, Poulinas) with fresh water, and a beautiful natural environment with a variety of plants. Specifically, there are identified 45 different kinds of plants and herbs such as thyme, sage, lasmari etc which we can collect during the tour.
The bridge of Djelefu is the largest medieval stone bridge built over the river Diarizos. The three Venetian bridges of Paphos Forest, Elia, Djelefu and Roudia are joined together with the nature trail "Venetian bridges." The path after the bridge of Djelefu leads to the picnic area of Pera Vasas where we can find a part of the historic tree, the Pine of Pera Vasa.
To village’s museum of traditional art is one of the best of its kind was built in the 18th century and is an ancient monument. It safeguards tools, furniture, utensils of old times associated with viticulture and other occupations of the inhabitants.
Arsos, has been growing since ancient times, into a big and rich wine-producing village. The villagers make their own wine, especially the black one and they keep it in large clay jars. Every last weekend of September is taking place the paluze festival where many visitors come to taste "paluze", "soutziouko" and "kiofterka." Early in October is organized the zivania festival.
The village has six agrotourism hotels, tavern, coffee shops and of course the Tea Shop.
 The ancient monuments, the nature trails, the hospitality, the traditional wines and the local delicacies are just some of reasons why you should visit us the Arsos TEA SHOP
You can choose a guided tour of natural paths, of the Djelefu bridge or of the museum. You can also choose to visit a herb garden or traditional cellars to see how zivania and wine is made and also to taste them.
We can also organize themed events in the square of the village or in the conference center of the village with all the necessary equipment (sound, lighting, translator systems, stages, video projectors)
For reservations and inquiries at 00357-99711402 and email [email protected] [email protected] Kayias
The Arsos Tea Shop , and Arsos village, a great place to visit on your Cyprus holiday, especially if you aew staying in the resort town of Limassol

The Tea Shop Arsos